Most of our friends and business acquaintances have known us over the years to be a fan of historic architecture. From that love of older homes and classical looks, Preservation Homes has evolved into a growing part of the homebuilding industry in the Triangle. "For those of you unfamiliar with our company or the roots of our home designs, we hope that a look at our homes allows you to better understand our mission.'

The restoration movement over the past two decades has embraced all styles of older homes. The Bungalow, however is considered by national housing experts as the most treasured of all older homes, primarily because of its charm and unique features.

During the 1920’s and 30’s, the Bungalow was America’s favorite house. Many national companies, including Sears sold plans and even pre-cut kit houses. In many areas of the country, entire neighborhoods were Bungalow designs. Around the turn of the century, Bungalows became associated with the Arts & Crafts Movement. It was an idea that centered on the idea of preserving traditions of handcraftsmanship, in the wake of the Industrial Revolution.

As our company has evolved into one of the largest custom homebuilders in the area, opportunities abound for us to build in wonderful new neighborhoods. However, the same standards we set for our home designs and quality will also always influence our decisions on where we build.

We have a philosophy that great houses and great homeowners make great neighborhoods. A developer can take a beautiful piece of land in a great location and build nice streets and sidewalks, a clubhouse and swimming pool, install fancy streetlights and put a lot of expensive plants around the front entrance. But what will make people want to live there, what will make your friends “ooh” and “ahh,” what will make your home sell quickly when you one day move, is a street full of good looking, diverse, quality-built, nostalgic homes with handsome yards and caring, proud homeowners.

It is our responsibility to provide not just a new house, but an attractive, high quality community in which to live and enjoy life and raise a family. Where some builders and developers compromise on quality by building cookie-cutter, tract-built housing, one would assume that buyers there should compromise their quality of life. Our homes and neighborhoods speak for themselves. We strive to “build ‘em like they used to” and to provide good looking, quality homes for quality people.

Take a close look at the quality of Preservation Homes, and you¹ll see why we are the most unique and one of the largest custom homebuilders in the market.